One on One Solutions

In this highly competitive environment that every student and job-seeker faces, it is very important to recognize our career goal start from the beginning. Sadly, the majority of our teenagers are not prepared to take charge of their lives and don’t understand the importance of such a step. As a result, their decision of a university major is entirely based on wrong assumptions, and most of the time, on factors far from being theirs. Unfortunately, the tragedy occurs after the student is faced with the reality of how much he underestimated this decision and in most cases chooses to bare its consequences all his life.

Choosing the right career path is the first important decision every 18-year-old faces.  However, at the young age of 18, prospective university students often face confusion, reluctance and hesitation. A help of a professional is extremely important to enlighten those students and help them explore themselves (their interests, needs, values, strengths, weaknesses…) and use those elements in crafting their aspired future.

Career guidance was introduced with the aim to help students graduating from school and enrolling in their first year of university explore their strengths and weaknesses to better identify the right academic program that best suits their aspirations and life goals.

To better present this service to the Lebanese and Middle Eastern market, we developed a very simple and direct approach that is the base of all our services and programs. This theory can be summarized by the “4 C’s of Career Counseling”:

  • Clarity: Explore our personality traits, interests, values & needs.

  • Capabilities: Understand our skills and develop them.

  • Creativity: Identify our life goal & roles

  • Commitment: Plan & develop our career path

This theory, along with our programs, was accredited by the leading career counseling corporation in the U.S “Kuder Inc.” and is the result of our founder’s final thesis to obtain her Masters Certificate after intense studies and research. 

Every career counseling intervention should be a combination of formal and informal assessments. A follow-up with the students is a must to fulfill the intention of the career guidance process.  The students should be guided to understand the different correlation between all the self-exploration elements and the identification of their life-goal that it essential in decision making of their future life planning.

This service is a combination of 7 to 10 sessions conducted on a one on one base, where the recipient will be coached and counseled all through the process. It follows our fundamental theory, and is designed to have the trusting result and impact on the youths’ future.