Footpath – Bootcamp

An Adventure of Self-Exploration

This Camp is a door and an eye opener for the participants, of the importance of self-exploration and skills development.

Footpath’s main purpose is for the students to combine fun and good times with general understanding of crucial skills. All the activities are based on games or competitions; tailor made by our team to meet the objectives intended; and to help us get to a conclusion that will be then communicated through a discussion and animated presentation to the students.

This camp is at first a 3 days experience. However a boosted and advanced program is also created for those eager to develop themselves even more and expand their self-exploration. This extended version of the Boot-camp is a 6 Days intensive period of workshops divided into 2 stages. The first stage is a 2 days retreat with 2 main goals:

  • Self-exploration (through specific interactive activities & games)

  • Identifying each ones life goal

As for the second stage, it is a 4 days interactive training and life experiences speeches, where participants will be exploring opportunities and building their path by developing the interpersonal and soft skills that align with their ultimate life goal.

At the end of the camp and with the help of highly trusted partners, distinguished trainers and successful businessmen and entrepreneurs, students will be able to:

  • Detect their personality type

  • Explore their interests & passion

  • Identify their values & needs

  • Recognize their strengths & weaknesses

  • Evaluate their skills

  • Detect their life goal/s

  • Uncover their life roles for the next 5, 10 & 15 years

  • Enhance their soft, interpersonal & fundamental skills (Communication, presentation, creativity, leadership, team building…)

  • Explore their career possibilities

  • Interact with successful young businessmen and entrepreneurs to understand the market opportunities and threats & for motivation purposes

  • Plan their life and career path according to all of the above

A team of 4 is present with the students at all times and external invitees join the team at specific sessions to better reach the goals of the activity