Studying Abroad Services

An Adventure out of Your World

ALTO provides flexible and innovative educational opportunities for individuals who wish to upgrade their skills for career reasons or explore topics out of general interest. The office will provide simple ways for Arab students who are wishing to improve their English language or to continue their graduate and postgraduate studies abroad.

ALTO is always building up new relations and partnerships with different institutions, colleges and universities all around the world in order to facilitate the admission task for students who are willing to continue their studies in highly respected and reputable organizations.

Since it is an overwhelming process to apply abroad, ALTO aims to make it easier for students to finish this tiring process, so as to promote knowledge and learning, in order to contribute in establishing a well-educated society.

Therefore, our services include:

  • Offering counseling in academic decisions (such as what major, which university to opt for, what courses suits the students best, what is needed to ensure his/her acceptance, etc.).

  • Acquisition of certificates needed for enrollment in universities abroad (such as SATs, IELTS, TOEIC etc.).

  • Transferring of credits (support in acquiring all the paperwork associated with the necessary transferring, accreditation and attestation).

  • Offering support in housing (arranging accommodation for the students in the UK by filtering out the best options).

  • Offering financial support (such as discounted education by having good relations with reputed universities in the UK and organizations such as the British Consulate in Lebanon and Dubai). This includes scholarships and financial aid and potentially student loans.

  • Visa application and processing (helping the student apply for the right visa and helping him/her with the process which can often be long and confusing).

  • Summer Schools and Language institutions.

  • Soccer School (students from 6 to 13 years old who want to experience a unique life opportunity of learning English with an extra twist of practicing soccer with the best English teams).


We hope to address all of the problems students usually have while applying abroad, which are listed below:

  • Which university to go to? What is best suited for the particular individual?

  • What are all the choices available?

  • Tuition fees

  • What are the scholarship options available and how to apply for them

  • Accreditations of the university

  • Related paperwork of the student concerned- NOCs, recommendation letters etc.

  • Tests that need to be taken, for instance- SATs, IELTS, TOEIC, etc..